D. F. Whipple


Pop Literary Quiz

Which contemporary writer has been co-marketed with literary giant Fyodor Dostoevsky on Amazon.com? Which living, 21st century American writer has also been co-marketed with winners of the Pulitzer Prize and Man Booker Prize through the same, online bookseller?


Let's make this easier by making it a multiple choice test. Is the author...

A) Phil Roth
B) Tom Wolfe
C) Vikram Seth
D) D. F. Whipple
E) Toni Morrison

Do you know?

If you answered "D," D. F. Whipple, congratulations! You are on the cutting edge of literature.

See the evidence below. Why would Amazon.com's editors make these stunning associations for an indie author? Could it be that right in our midst, a literary hero is alive and publishing, but far under the culture's radar? You, as a sophisticated and intrepid reader, ought to know the truth.

D. F. Whipple is destined to be appreciated by future generations, but you can leap into the future now by reading him today.